Iron Designs.

Our Story

Paul McKeown founder of Iron Designs started his career working in engineering. In 1999 he started working for a local metalwork company producing ornate metalwork for bars and private clients where he quickly developed a passion for designing and creating unique artistic pieces of metalwork.

In 2002 Paul took a leap of faith and opened his own company, Iron Designs. Today the company employees 8 people on site at his dedicated studios and gallery just outside Armagh.

The team at Iron Designs are all highly skilled, trained in both traditional blacksmithing and modern fabrication techniques, when worked together they can create the most stunning quality pieces.

All of the furniture designs are created by Paul, who draws inspiration from the natural environment, he is happiest when he is sketching, designing or producing something unique in his studio.

The Team

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Paul McKeown

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Helen McKeown

Company Secretary
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Philip Devlin

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Alexandru Szabo

Welder / Blacksmith
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Restoration & Powder Coating
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Thomas McKeown